Fuel Cells / Water Treatment

Portable Sea Water Desalination Plant
Using Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC)

By: Dr. Ahmad A. Towfik, P.E.
Engineering Manager,
AT Engineering Services, Long Beach, CA.

Prepared for presentation at 25th One-Day Technical Meeting "Process Successes and Innovations" of TheAmerican Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), The Southern California and Orange County Sections,on April 30, 1996, Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, California.

Session C: Innovations in Water Treatment Methods, Paper: C-1

Copyrighted (c) 4/1996 By AT Engineering Services.PUBLISHED


This paper describes the first portable sea water desalination plant based on molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFC). The portable plant, mounted on a skid or a trailer, can be quickly mobilized to continuously produce 1,000 gallons per hour of fresh / portable water and requires practically very minimal _selftenance. The plant uses natural gas as operating fuel and can provide electricity (300 kW), hot water and steam plusdrinking water.

Applications: Such units can be used in:
1) the case of emergency (e.g.: earthquake orother natural disasters)
2) military applications
3) large hospitals / hotels / buildings which are close to any sea water source.

Why Fuel Cells For Portable Sea Water Desalination Plant?:

* Fuel Cells are electrochemical devices and are not limited by the Carnot heat Cycle.

* Overall Efficiency 80 - 90% [Higher Electrical Efficiency + Heat Recovery].

* Environmentally attractive:
A) Sufficiently pollution free: Very low level of emissions
B) Quite & Smooth Operation: Operation of the fuel cells requires a minimum of rotating machinery in the form of pumps & motors, so little noise or vibration.
* Practically No or Minimal _selftenance is required.

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